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Student Access

Students now have access to RebelNet, Google Docs, and e-mail.  Some notes and things that might be useful in implementing these tools with your students are listed below.
  1. The students can access RebelNet from any location where they have Internet access.  RebelNet gives students access to:
    1. E-mail
    2. Google Docs
    3. Moodle
    4. Their personal home directories (where they save their files)

  2. Staff members do not have students' e-mail addresses built into their GroupWise address book.  A couple of ways you could gather student e-mail addresses:
    1. Create a Google form for students to fill out with information that is important to you (name, e-mail address, hour, etc.).  For information on creating a Google form, click here.
    2. Create a Moodle assignment (assignment type: Online text) where students type in their e-mail address as the assignment.
    3. Once you have a list of your students' e-mail addresses, it would probably be helpful to add them to your GroupWise address book or even create a distribution list for your class.  For information on adding contacts and creating a distribution list, click here.

  3. Students do not have your e-mail address built in to their address book.  If you would like to communicate with students though e-mail, please make sure they have your e-mail address saved as a contact.  For information on students adding contacts, click here.

  4. Currently, teachers have access to Google Docs, Sites, and GroupWise e-mail.  Teachers can share Google Docs and Sites with each other as well as people outside the district.  The same goes for e-mail - teachers can exchange e-mail with each other, students, and people outside of the district.  Teachers cannot directly share Google Docs and Sites with students.

    Students on the other hand have access to Google Docs, Sites, and Google e-mail.  Students can share Google Docs and Sites with each other.  Students can only e-mail other students in Godfrey-Lee as well as staff members at Godfrey-Lee.  They cannot e-mail outside of the district.

  5. If you need additional information about how to use any of these tools, please use the links below:
    1. RebelNet
    2. Google Docs
Notes About Student E-Mail
    1. Students can only access their e-mail (as well as Google Docs) through RebelNet.
    2. All student e-mails are the student's username followed by  The students can only send and receive e-mails to e-mail addresses that end in